August 9, 2017
Review: Oahu Luau at Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii

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Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa in Hawaii offers a luau show around four times a week. If you’re interested in attending, you should reserve it in advance as these can sell out. The luau is a combination of a Hawaiian buffet and a show highlighting Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. Disney sells VIP and General seating tickets. The VIP tickets get you guaranteed seating at tables with a closer view of the stage, while the general tickets offer first come first served seating.


The luau takes place on one of the lawns at Aulani. When you finish checking in, staff walk you over to a man and woman dressed in traditional Hawaiian clothes to take photos. They then give everyone in your party a tasty alcoholic drink, which comes with your ticket. I had a delicious Blue Hawaii.

It’s recommended that you arrive at least an hour before the show starts. If you have a general seating ticket, you’ll want to get there early to get a good view of the show. You won’t be bored if you do though, as Disney offers several activities for guests to enjoy while they wait. You’ll see stations like this spread out around the lawn. These girls are teaching guests how to make orchid wristbands.

She’s showing guests how to make orchid necklaces.

I’m not sure what this was. I think they’re making poi?


When the luau officially starts, guests are invited to help themselves to the buffet a few tables at a time. There’s a separate buffet with kid’s food as well. Here’s some of the grown-up food:


Potato salad, tuna salad, salmon salad

Rice, blue sweet potato, sweet potato, vegetables, pulled pork, chicken, fish.

Kailua pork is a whole pig that’s slow cooked for hours in an underground pit heated by lava rocks and lined with coconut leaves.

I enjoyed most of the Hawaiian food. I’m not a huge fan of pork, but the Kailua pork is highlighted as the centerpiece of the luau. A luau is a good way to get a sampling of the island’s flavors. The blue sweet potato was my favorite-it was similar to regular sweet potato but even sweeter.

After about an hour of eating, the show began. It was a retelling of the history of the Hawaiian islands and the journey of the Polynesians to discover and settle Hawaii.

They had hula dancers as well as fire dancers who all performed brilliantly! It was a fun family show. After it was over, the cast was available to take individual photos with guests.


You should definitely attend a luau if you take a trip all the way to Hawaii. You get to experience their cuisine, dancing, and learn a bit about their culture. Disney’s version of the luau was great, but it’s not drastically different from other luau’s I’ve attended. Just make sure you attend at least one luau when you’re in Hawaii.