September 19, 2017
Ryanair Canceling Flights for 400,000 Passengers

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Budget airline Ryanair says it’s canceling 40-50 flights per day from now through October 31, 2017 because it messed up vacation schedules for its pilots. The airline has already emailed thousands of passengers to alert them about the cancellation. Even if you didn’t get an email about a flight cancellation, it pays to double check. Ryanair is publishing a full list of cancelled flight on its website where you can see exactly which flights are affected.

Ryanair is offering two options for customers with cancelled flights. You can get a full refund or change your flight for free. Refunds will be processed in seven days and issued to the form of payment used to make the booking. The airline also stated that it will not pay for flights on other airlines, which may be a violation of EU passenger regulations.


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