December 5, 2017
Sale: Buy United Miles for 1.88 Cents Each

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Yesterday I wrote about American Airline having a sale on purchased miles. AAdvantage is selling miles for as low as 1.77 each from now through January 4, 2018. United has launched its own mileage sale. MileagePlus members can purchase United miles for as low as 1.88 cents each from now through 11:59 PM CT on December 31, 2017.

As usual, the bonus is offered in tiers-the more miles you buy, the bigger your bonus and the lower your cost per mile. You should purchase between 70,000-75,000 to receive the maximum 100% mileage bonus, which brings your cost per mile down to 1.88 cents. For example, you can spend $2,633.75 to purchase 70,000 United miles and receive a 100% bonus. This would net you a total of 140,000 United miles.

You can purchase a maximum of 150,000 United miles per year, including the bonus. The miles should post to your account within 48 hours, though in my experience it’s always been instant. Also keep in mind that United sells miles through, so the purchase will not code as travel for credit card purposes. So you’ll want to use a credit card which maximizes everyday spending, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited, SPG American Express, Blue Business Plus etc.

ANA First Class

Does it make sense to purchase United miles at this price? It depends. Even though United recently devalued its rewards program, there’s still great ways to redeem miles for premium travel. For example, you can redeem 110,000 miles for an ANA First Class flight from the US to Japan. Purchasing those miles would cost $2,068. The retail price of that ticket is over $13,000! That said, I wouldn’t purchase miles without a specific redemption in mind since there’s always the risk of airlines devaluing their frequent flyer programs.

Featured Image Courtesy of United