August 4, 2017
Sale: WoW Air Flights to Europe Starting at $99 One-Way

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Budget airline WOW air is having another sale on flights from the US to Europe. Before we get into the insane deals going on right now, remember that WoW air is an ultra-low cost carrier. Meaning the cheapest tickets they sell are just for the airplane seat. Everything else like seat assignments, carry-on bags, checked bags, food etc. is sold separately. That being said, the airline is offering some insanely low prices to take you across the pond.

The cheapest tickets appear to be $99 fares from Pittsburg-Reykjavik, Iceland-and the flight leaves this Sunday (two days from now). If you don’t have any plans, $99.99 to Iceland sounds pretty awesome.


There’s also plenty of fares between $109.99 and $159.99 that will take you from several cities in the US (DC, Boston, Miami, Pittsburg, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco) to several destinations in Europe. You can take direct WoW air flights to its hub in Reykjavik, Iceland or connect onward to cities like London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Dublin, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, and more!

Brussels, Belgium: One of many European destinations served by WoW air

WoW is offering discounted fares from August 2017 through October 2017. If you want one of these cheap flights to Europe, you should generally book asap as they tend to sell out fast.


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