November 29, 2017
Select Domestic Delta One Routes Receiving “Farm Fresh” Catering

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Delta is improving some of its food offerings on select domestic Delta One flights. Passengers traveling from Los Angeles (LAX)-New York (JFK)/Washington Reagan (DCA) can enjoy new “farm-fresh” seasonal ingredients starting December 1, 2017.

The menu is designed by Los Angeles based chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. The new offerings include portobello mushroom carpaccio with arugula pesto, marinara braised meatballs, pumpkin ravioli, and strawberry bread pudding. The chefs will prepare the meals every morning at their catering facility in Los Angeles and transport them to LAX every day to ensure everything remains fresh.

This basically boils down to meatballs and ravioli, but the pictures make them look so tasty. I wonder if the in-flight presentation will look anything like this. Delta’s been making a lot of enhancements to the customer experience lately. Medallion members can now upgrade to Delta One, passengers receive free in-flight texting, and even Economy is getting slightly better food and pillows. Now if only Delta would stop their incessant crusade to destroy the value of SkyMiles.

All Images Courtesy of Delta