October 31, 2017
Singapore Airlines is Serving $300 Bottles of Vintage Champagne in First Class

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It’s safe to say that Singapore airlines is one of the world’s top airlines. Service is consistently impeccable, the seats are enormous, and they serve delicious food and drinks. Heck, in Suites Class on the A380 you can even book a double bed in the sky.  I loved my nearly 11-hour flight in Business Class from Singapore to Johannesburg on the new A350.

Passengers lucky enough to fly in Singapore First or Suites Class normally have the option of either Dom Perignon or Krug champagne. Singapore is the only airline to offer both these options. The airline recently upped their champagne again. It’s now serving vintage Krug 2004 champagne, which retails for $300 a bottle.

I’m not much of a champagne drinker, so I couldn’t tell you if this tastes any different from what’s currently offered. Singapore is spending about double the price of its previous Krug champagne to offer this though. Has anyone tasted Krug 2004?

H/T: Points from the Pacific