November 2, 2017
Singapore Airlines Reveals Stunning Next Generation A380 Suites Class

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Singapore Airlines was the first airline to take delivery of the A380, the largest passenger jet in the world, over 10 years ago. It’s been operating its award winning Suites Class product on the A380 ever since. Suites Class is so good that it’s still considered one of the most luxurious way to fly 10 years after launching. Singapore held a media event today and announced the next generation of Suites Class-and it looks amazing.

Suites Class is available exclusively on the A380 aircraft and there are only six suites onboard. The suites cabin is configured in a 1-1 configuration and located on the upper deck of the A380. Each suite comes with a set of sliding doors, a 76 inch long fully flat bed with adjustable recline, and a separate 21-inch leather swivel chair. The swivel chair is electronically adjustable between 135 and 270 degrees and can recline up to 45 degrees.

It gets even better for companions traveling together. The partition between the two suites in the first two rows of the A380 can be lowered to form one giant combined suite. This combines the beds in each suite to form a double bed. These come with some great amenities as well. Each suite has a 32-inch TV monitor that can swivel for different viewing angles. There’s also a full sized wardrobe, a bag stowing compartment, and a mood lighting wall.

The Suites cabin offers two onboard lavatories. There’s no showers like you’ll find on some other airlines, but they sure look impressive. Keep in mind the two lavatories will be shared by just six passengers.

The new A380 Suites will first debut on the five A380s the airline has ordered from Airbus. The first of these aircraft will begin flying from Singapore-Sydney on December 18, 2017. Singapore will be reconfiguring its existing A380s with the new suites over the next two years. YouTuber Sam Chui uploaded a pretty good vlog of today’s unveiling. Check it out-

All Images Courtesy of Singapore Airlines