October 31, 2016
Six sights every Barcelona traveler needs to see!

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Straight to the Point

  • Barcelona is one of the largest and most visited cities in Spain. It’s full of history, vividly unique architecture, and has a prime spot on the Mediterranean coast. You’ll encounter local Catalans and travelers from all over the world. And if you’re an English speaker you’ll have no problem communicating as nearly everyone speaks English in an international city this big.
  • I’ve visited twice and loved both trips. If you have the chance to visit Spain, Barcelona should definitely be one of the first cities you visit. Make sure to try the tapas!

Mercat de la Boqueria


  • La Boqueria is a giant outdoor market located on the famous La Rambla street in Barcelona. It’s always busy here and full of local and foreign shoppers.
  • You can find all sorts of fresh exotic produce here. I’d definitely recommend trying the fruits as they’re fantastic! There’s also countless smoothie stalls where they turn fresh fruits into delicious smoothies on the spot.


  • You can also find tons of cuts of delicious Iberian ham, various meats, fish, so many kinds of nuts, and stalls overflowing with desserts. And there’s plenty of Spanish tapas restaurants here as well!

Sagrada Familia

Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia. It is designed by architect Antonio Gaudi and is being build since 1882.

  • This is the iconic church you see in every picture of Barcelona. The Sagrada is a giant Catholic church designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi.
  • Construction of this basilica began in the late 1800s and has been continuing ever since. It’s one of the most prominent structures in the heart of Barcelona.
  • If you want to go inside, you should buy tickets in advance online because the line at the door is always long and tickets sell out fairly early. Both times I’ve visited Barcelona I showed up without tickets and couldn’t get inside.
  • Fun fact- This site was recently labeled a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Park Güell 

Barcelona - Park Guell, Spain

  • Park Güell is another site designed by Antoni Gaudi in the early 1900s. It’s located about 20 minutes from downtown Barcelona and is a great spot to take photos of the city because of its elevation.
  • You should visit this park mainly to check out the architecture. The buildings look like Spanish gingerbread houses, there’s mosaic frogs, street vendors, and several short hiking trails in the back!


Hit the Beach 


  • When you’re in a Mediterranean coastal city, you pretty much have to go to the beach.
  • The water in Barcelona is warm, the sea is clean, you’ll see people playing volleyball on the white sands, and the promenade is lined with palm trees! Make sure to bring sunblock, you will get tan under a Spanish sun.

Camp Nou


  • If you’re a soccer fan (football as they say in the rest of the world), I don’t really have to tell you to visit Camp Nou. This is the largest soccer stadium in Europe and seats almost 100,000 visitors. It’s being expanded to seat even more guests soon.
  • This is the home stadium of FC Barcelona. In addition to the stadium there’s a neat museum inside full of soccer and specifically FC Barcelona memorabilia like trophies, jerseys etc.
  • You can purchase tickets online or at the stadium. There was a very short line to buy tickets so I wouldn’t worry about buying tickets in advance for this. Students should bring their student IDs to get a discount!

Arc de Triomf


  • No, this is not the Arc de Triomph you’re thinking of in Paris. This is a Spanish arc built in the late 19th century as the entrance to a fair at the time.
  • There isn’t much to see in this part of town besides the arc, but the arc is a beautiful structure on its own and is another great show of Spanish design. It’s conveniently located on the subway at Arc de Triomf Station-you can’t miss it!