November 3, 2017
Six things Not to do in Munich, Germany

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Munich is one of Germany’s powerhouse cities. It’s the capital of Bavaria, it’s BMW’s headquarters, and the breweries produce some of the best and oldest beer in the world! There’s so many things to do when you’re there, but here’s six things you shouldn’t do in Munich!


Do NOT assume Munich is only about beer

Yes, Munich (and Germany) is known for its delicious beer, beer halls, and Oktoberfest, but there are other things to do in the city. There are museums, shopping centers and districts, nightclubs, beautiful town centers, and parks to discover. Go to Marienplatz and check out the beautiful architecture in Munich. You also don’t want to miss the BMW museum and the Deutsches Musuem.


Do NOT steal a German Maß (pronounced Moss)


The traditional 1-liter Maß mug can be found all over the city of Munich and state of Bavaria. When in a beer hall or garden or even Oktoberfest, do NOT take one home with you. It is frowned upon and restaurant staff will call you out on it. Most beer halls, especially the famous ones like Hofbrauhaus, will have Maß’s for sale for you to buy as a souvenir. At Oktoberfest you will be required to pay a deposit for each Maß.


Do NOT think Hofbauhaus is the only beer hall in town

Lowenbrau Beer Hall, Munich

Hofbrauhaus has become a very big tourist attraction over the years, with franchises popping up all over the world. Sure, visit the place, but keep in mind that there are MANY other beer halls and gardens in the city. Try Augustiner, Hirschgarten, Seehaus, and Waldwirtschaft, just to name a few.


Do NOT hesitate to use public transport

If you’re coming from the USA and are hesitant to use public transport in Munich, think again. The transport system in Munich is punctual, efficient, and expansive. Don’t hesitate to travel outside the city center. The transport system in Munich travels far out. Catching the FC Bayern München match at Allianz Stadium won’t be tough! The city is also pedestrian and bike friendly. You should also check out other cities near Munich. The Bayern ticket allows you to travel to various cities around the city! The bus station also has buses that will take you to many destinations like Prague or Salzburg.


Do NOT think Oktoberfest is in October


A common misconception is that Munich’s famous Oktoberfest is strictly in October. That is not the case. The festival is called Oktoberfest because it ENDS in October. The event usually begins in mid September and ends the first weekend of October. So, mark your calendar and travel accordingly.


Do NOT expect much on Sundays


In Munich, and in most of Germany, Sunday is strictly designated for relaxation. Most stores and supermarkets are closed. Do not expect to go shopping on this day. There are a few exceptions to the rule, like some restaurants and convenience stores, but all in all don’t expect everything to be open like in the states.