August 5, 2017
Six Unique Restaurants in Europe

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From dining under the starlit sky to being hidden away in a candlelit cave, Europe is widely known for its romantic restaurants and mouth-watering cuisine. If you’re going on vacation with a few of your friends or you’re celebrating your honeymoon, you won’t be disappointed when dining in Europe.

Floating Air Dinner – Available in 45 Countries

Serving up a five-course menu with the ocean beneath its feet, Dinner in the Sky (featured above) can accommodate 22 people. There’s a chef, waiter and entertainer floating with your capsule suspended over the ground. Each guest is securely fastened prior to the restaurant being raised. You can find this dining location in 45 countries around the world!

Dine in the Dark – Germany

There’s a lot more to do in Germany than attend Oktoberfest. The “Dark Restaurant”, located in Berlin, is a one of a kind restaurant where the entire staff is either blind or visually impaired. Guests are welcome to eat in the dark where their senses are heightened. Food becomes bolder and more flavorful in the dark!

Solo Per Due – Italy

This is recognized as the smallest restaurant in the world. It only has one table and seats just two guests at a time. With a 19th-century inspired look, guests get to enjoy exotic Italian plants around them during the summer and a crackling fire during the winter. The restaurant only offers fresh Italian cuisine based on the season.

El Diablo – Spain

Meaning, “The Devil,” El Diablo has a grill built directly over an active volcano hole, perfect for grilling mass quantities of food. Due to the volcanic heat, restaurant goers enjoy a smoky flavor with every meal!

Sarastro – London

Featuring private boxes and elegant balconies, the Sarastro is a mesmerizing theatrical restaurant with velvet drapes, gold furnishings and ornate lamps. This over-the-top restaurant is jam packed with intricate designs and stage props in every corner.

The Water Grotta Palazzese – Italy

Only open during the summer, the Grotta Palazzese has been created inside a vaulted limestone cave by the waterside. Guests have the privilege of viewing the Adriatic Sea straight from their table. Italian nobles used to eat here dating back to the 1700s.


Featured Image Courtesy of Dinner in the Sky