October 28, 2017
Southwest is Hosting Live Concerts on Some Flights

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Southwest Airlines has a fairly unique feature called the ‘Live at 35’ concert series. Through this initiative, the airline has musicians perform live concerts on flights. They don’t announce ahead of time which flights will have a concert and which artists are playing on which aircraft. Don’t be surprised if you fly Southwest and didn’t know about this. Only about 20 flights a year get this treatment. Southwest is continuing the Live at 35 series.

The airline finalized a deal with Warner Music Nashville yesterday. Under the new arrangement, musicians signed with Warner Nashville will play short concerts on a selection of flights. Some flyers seem to enjoy being “surprised and delighted” by the music while others don’t appreciate being forced to listen to live music over the airplane’s speakers.

Southwest said “We take into account the time of day and the type of travel” in reference to the flight selection process. Even if you wanted to be on one of these flights, there’s no way to know which route will get a live concert. Your odds of being on one of these flights is just about 0.002%.

Do you want to be serenaded with country music on your flight?

All Images Courtesy of Southwest