May 11, 2017
Get 50% Off Spotify Premium With This Credit Card

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Spotify recently announced a new promo in partnership with Capital One bank. Spotify members will save 50% off their premium subscription if they pay with an eligible Capital One Quicksilver credit card. There’s two such cards available-the Quicksilver and the QuicksilverOne. Here’s how the promotion works-


First off, you need to have an active Spotify premium subscription. The offer is available for new and existing premium members. Spotify offers three tiers of membership which are eligible for this offer-Standard ($9.99/month), Student ($4.99/month), and Family ($14.99/month). Annual Spotify memberships, memberships paid with Spotify gift cards or digital wallets, and subscriptions made through third parties (like the App Store) are not eligible for this offer.


Once you have the correct premium membership set up, set your payment method to one of the eligible Capital One Quicksilver credit cards above. The full monthly membership amount will be charged to your credit card, but you’ll begin receiving statement credits for 50% of the subscription price within 1-2 billing cycles.

Finally, this offer is only available through April 2018. You’ll have almost a year with 50% off if you link your Quicksilver card right away. I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for a Quicksilver card just to save some money on Spotify, but if you have the card already you might as well link it for 50% off! I don’t personally use Spotify (Apple Music user here). Do you guys think Spotify offers a good value for the service?

H/T: Business Insider


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