March 2, 2017
Deal Alert: Starwood Selling Points with 30% Discount

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Featured Image Source: Starwood

30% Discount

Starwood just launched a new promotional sale of Starpoints. Now through April 30, 2017, you can buy or give Starpoints and save up to 30% off the normal price. The discount is tiered as follows:


  • Buy or give 5,000-9,500 Starpoints and save 10%
  • Buy or give 10,000-14,500 Starpoints and save 15%
  • Buy or give 15,000-19,500 Starpoints and save 20%
  • Buy or give 20,000-30,000 Starpoints and save 30%


Starpoints normally sell for 3.5 cents per point, so purchasing 20,000-30,000 points will drop the price down to 2.45 cents per point when you factor in the discount. Keep in mind the following restriction before making a purchase:

  • You can buy a maximum of 30,000 Starpoints per year.
  • Your Starwood account has to be at least 14 days old to take advantage of this discount.
  • You must purchase a minimum of 500 Starpoints.
  • The purchase is processed by and is not coded as a travel, so you won’t get a travel category bonus from your credit card.

What to do with Starpoints

The great thing about Starpoints is their flexibility. You can transfer the points to dozens of airlines at a 1:1 ratio and earn a 5,000 point bonus when transferring 20,000 points at time. Some of the airlines you can transfer to include Air Canada, Air France Flying Blue, Alaska Mileage Plan, Lufthansa Miles & More, Hawaiian Airlines, and so many more! You can also transfer them Marriott at a 1:3 ratio.


Should You Buy?

Let’s do some math. If you buy 20,000-30,000 points your cost per point is 2.45 cents. However, when you transfer 20,000 points to an airline, Starwood gives you 5,000 bonus points. That bonus brings your effective cost per airline mile to 1.96 cents per mile. Since you can typically redeem airline miles for 3-8 cents per mile (depending on how hard you’re willing to look for great redemption rates), you should come out ahead by buying Starpoints here!