July 17, 2018
T-Mobile Just Made International Data Plans a Whole lot Better

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T-Mobile announced a number of changes to its international data and calling rates. Let’s start with what T-Mobile already offered. Customers with T-Mobile ONE received unlimited 2G speed data and texting in 154 countries. This is expanding to 210 countries on July 22, 2018. You can find the full list of eligible countries here. 2G data speed is slow, but hey it’s free!

Conversely, T-Mobile is increasing the cost of international calls from $0.20 per minute to $0.25 per minute beginning July 31, 2018. While it sucks that calling is getting more expensive, I think it’s well worth the tradeoff to get free data in 210 countries. You can easily Skype or FaceTime Audio instead of making a cellular call.

Perhaps most excitingly, T-Mobile will finally start selling an international day pass! The optional $5/day pass gets you 512MB of 4G LTE international data per day and unlimited calling. This is a terrific addition to T-Mobile. ATT’s charges $10/day for a similar day pass which only works in 100 countries vs T-Mobile’s 210 countries.

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