October 3, 2016
Thai Airways Royal First Lounge & Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok

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The Thai first class experience began immediately upon my connecting flight landing in Bangkok. Because I would be flying out of Bangkok on Thai first class, there was an escort waiting for me upon disembarking the plane. She proceeded to whisk me away straight to the lounge in a golf cart -no walking required!


Upon checking into the lounge, I was escorted to my own private room complete with my own couch, chairs, table, and a giant TV. And then I was given an iPad with their food and drink menu to order from. The quality of the food and service was impeccable. And watching Avatar on my giant TV while drinking cocktails was pretty amazing! There are several of these private rooms available on a first come first served basis in the lounge.


The main room of the lounge was nothing to complain about either. There was ample seating with very comfortable chairs and dining tables.


If you want a more intimate dining experience, there’s an entire dining room available with beautiful seating and Thai ornaments.


Another thing I loved about this lounge was the bedrooms. Yes, there are several private bedrooms in this lounge for you to sleep if you’re just exhausted and need to rest before your next flight!


The bathrooms are also an experience. All granite countertops with L’Occitane products. Oh, and all the bathrooms are private one person bathrooms that are cleaned by the attendant after EVERY use. If you want to be super refreshed before your flight, you’re also welcome to enjoy one of the amazing showers in the lounge.


If you’re still feeling stressed, talk to one of the many staff on hand to schedule yourself an appointment with the Royal Orchid Spa across the hall.


You have the option of scheduling a 30 minute or 60-minute massage, with or without oils, deep tissue or traditional etc. I opted for a full one hour Thai massage to get the full experience-and it was great! And best of all, this is a free service for Thai’s first class passengers.


You’re also not thrown out back to the first class lounge after your massage. There is even more ample seating in the Spa lobby and free snacks and drinks so you can relax. Some post-spa tea was a nice touch.



I was blown away by my experience at the Thai first class lounge in Bangkok. One of the most memorable aspects was the extremely attentive service. Nearly every time I looked around I could spot someone looking for customers to help. The food was delicious, the drinks were amazing, the seating and decor of the lounge was very comforting, the showers and bathrooms were pristine-and there’s a spa giving free amazing Thai massages! Oh and I forgot to mention I was escorted in a golf cart from the lounge straight to my gate when it was time to board. I had a 5-hour layover in Bangkok and it was one of the best layovers I’ve had. If you have the opportunity to experience this lounge, make sure you have enough time to enjoy the full experience.