October 4, 2017
The New Google Earbuds Translate 40 Languages in Real Time

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Google announced a host of new products today, but the one I want to talk about is the new Google Pixel Buds. These are Google’s new $160 wireless earbuds which will compete directly with Apple’s $160 AirPods. They do pretty much everything you’d expect from wireless headphones in 2017. They play music, read your notifications, interact with the AI on your phone etc. But the really neat feature is their ability to translate between 40 languages.

The earphones work with the Google translate app on Assistant-enabled Android devices. To launch the translate feature, you just touch and hold the right earbud. The Google Translate app on your phone will translate your spoken language into the language you’re converting to. Then, the person you’re conversing with speaks into the phone, and the earbuds translate it back to your language. Here’s a live demo translating between English and Swedish.

I’m a pretty loyal iPhone user so this doesn’t really help me out, but it’s definitely a very interesting device which can obviously make conversing while traveling much easier. That said, it’s powered by the same Google Translate app which is already available on every phone for free. The Pixel Buds go on sale this November. Would you use this while traveling abroad?