September 26, 2017
The Smurfs get Special Brussels Airlines Livery

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Brussels Airlines currently operates four aircraft with special livery. They launched their latest such aircraft, Amare, back in February 2017. Amare is a beautiful A320 themed after the Tomorrowland music festival, which takes place in Belgium every year. All four of these aircraft seek to promote some part of Belgian culture. Brussels has just announced its fifth special livery plane! It’s set to feature the Smurfs- Belgian comic book characters who live in mushrooms and fight the evil wizard Gargamel.

The Current Four Special Liveries

The airline had a contest to see which design would get turned into an aircraft, and Italian student Marta Mascellani’s drawing featuring the Smurfs won the most votes. The new Brussels Airlines A320 will take to the European skies in March 2018.

The Tintin livery

My favorite of these special liveries so far has been the Tintin aircraft, featuring the Belgian comic book hero and his dog Snowy. But I have to say the new Smurf design is just phenomenal. I love Papa Smurf piloting the plane with Smurfette and the rest of the cast holding true to character throughout the back of the plane. All five of these planes are stunning and I’ll be sure to book a flight on one the next time I’m flying through Belgium. Which is your favorite?


All Images Courtesy of Brussels Airlines