August 2, 2017
The TSA Starts Testing ID Only Security Lanes

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The TSA is testing a new system in select airports which would allow passengers to clear security with just an ID, no boarding pass required. The new procedures are only available for travelers enrolled in TSA Pre-Check. This is their trusted traveler program which you can get for FREE if you have one of several credit cards which offer this perk. As a refresher, TSA Pre-Check gets you dedicated security lanes which are often much shorter than the general security lanes, you can keep your shoes and belt on, and your electronics can stay in your bags.


Outlets are reporting that Reagan Washington National (DCA), Washington Dulles (IAD), Chicago O’Hare (ORD), and Austin (AUS) airport are testing the new system. It’s a bit silly that this isn’t already in place. The TSA already has your travel information in its computers, which agents can access by just scanning your license or passport already. There’s really no point in verifying that you have a separate boarding pass on your person anymore. The new system is expected to roll out to other airports in August.


It looks like the airline industry is rolling ahead with plans to kill physical boarding passes once and for all. Delta began testing facial recognition bag drop back in May, which would allow you to drop-off your luggage without an agent. JetBlue began testing facial recognition boarding back in June. JetBlue’s system is even creepier. Passengers just walk up to the gate, the system scans their face, and the door opens to let you on the plane. No boarding pass or ID required. We’re seeing the first stages of the airline industry going completely paperless.