August 25, 2017
There’s a Medieval Lego Castle Hotel full of Knights and Wizards

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You’ll find Lego’s newest medieval hotel at the Legoland Windsor Resort, located about an hour drive outside of London. It opened just a couple months ago in July 2017 and it looks brilliantly themed. You’ll find wizards, jesters, knights, dragons, princes, and princesses-all made of Lego!

The hotel is designed to resemble a medieval castle. The lobby welcomes guests with a giant Lego wizard. You’ll find talking Legos, a talking throne, and various play areas for kids throughout the property. Even the elevators as fun-they talk to you, play music, and change lights.

Once you get past the lobby, you’ll find Wizard and Knight themed rooms available for guests, and it looks like children will love the theming! This is a picture of a Wizard room. It has features like shelves of potions, spell books, and dragon Legos.

Heck, even the bathrooms look fun.

Be sure to head over to the Tournament Tavern for lunch. As the name suggests, it’s themed as a medieval tavern with waiters wearing medieval costumes. There’s also a Lego dragon sleeping over the fireplace! Here’s a one minute clip from LEGO highlighting the Castle Hotel:



This is definitely a children’s hotel. I don’t see many adults going out of their way to stay here unless they’re serious Lego fans. It looks like pure magic for young kids. You get to stay in a medieval castle, full of Legos, and spend your day at LEGOLAND right next door.


All Images Courtesy of LEGO