April 12, 2017
“This Will Never Happen Again”-United CEO Interview

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After news broke this weekend that a doctor was bloodied and dragged off an overbooked United flight, for refusing to give up his confirmed paid seat, the airline is facing much deserved consumer backlash for its actions. United CEO Oscar Munoz released an apology yesterday, and went on Good Morning America this morning for a seven-minute interview to discuss what happened.

United and Mr. Munoz’s initial response to customer backlash was to call the bloodied passenger belligerent, and to apologize for ‘re-accommodating’ passengers on an overbooked flight. While Mr. Munoz certainly looks more sincere in his first interview since the incident, you’ll have to make that judgment on your own.


That being said, it’s nice to hear him acknowledging some of United’s system wide problems

when it comes to dealing with overbooked flights. Here’s the key takeaway of what he said:

This can never, will never happen again on a United Airlines flight. That’s my premise and that’s my promise…The use of law enforcement aboard an aircraft has to be looked at very carefully. They’re clearly there for a purpose of safety, and we want to make sure they protect us, but for other reasons I think that’s a policy we have to absolutely relook at.”

I’m curious how United agents will handle a similar situation when it comes up again. If they need to remove seated passengers from an overbooked flight, will the United agents be empowered to keep raising the voucher offer until someone accepts? If management won’t let them offer more than $800, and the airline won’t contact law enforcement to forcibly remove passengers, as Mr. Munoz promised in the interview, does that mean the flight will just be canceled? Here’s an easy tip, stop overbooking flights! Share your thoughts down below.

Featured Image Courtesy of ABC