February 24, 2017
Wow-Tomorrowland Belgium is Getting its Own Airplane

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Brussels Air just launched a customized Tomorrowland aircraft which will fly for the next five years!


What’s Tomorrowland?

Image Source: Tomorrowland

In case you don’t know what Tomorrowland is, here’s the basics. Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world and is held annually in Belgium over the course of two weekends. It draws such large crowds that tickets to Tomorrowland 2017 completely sold out just hours after tickets went on sale. Music lovers from around the world make the trek to experience all the best DJs in the world in one place. There were over 175,000 visitors from more than 75 countries in attendance in 2016. That’s one hell of a party!



Image Source: Brussels Air

Brussels Airlines, the main airline of Belgium, just announced the introduction of their newest aircraft-a Tomorrowland inspired A320 named Amare. The new aircraft begins operations February 24 and is scheduled to fly for the next five years. The plane has a gorgeous custom designed paint job on the exterior along with custom prints and mood lights inside. Passengers boarding Amare will be pleased to hear the Tomorrowland hymn welcoming them onboard. Brussels said this about the aircraft:


“AMARE is not just an airplane; it brings people’s hearts together all the year round and symbolizes some of the key values of Tomorrowland: love, friendship and unity.”

Image Source: Brussels Air

It took nine months to build Amare’s custom design and it took eight artists two weeks to airbrush the prints on the aircraft. If you’re interested in booking a flight on Amare, you can see its schedule for upcoming three days here. It’s just flying within Europe for now and the best you can do is book a ticket three days in advance as that’s all the heads-up Brussels is giving travelers about its schedule right now.



Final Thoughts

It’s hard to believe a music festival is so popular that it’s getting its own aircraft. I love the new paintjob and think the mood lighting looks like a lot of fun! I’m actually excited to try out Amare the next time I’m in Europe so I can write a full review.


Featured Image Curtesy of Brussels Air