July 9, 2018
Trip Report: Five Days in Mahe, Seychelles

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Seychelles often comes up as a honeymoon destination. The chain of islands sits in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. It’s about a 10 hour flight from Europe to the main island Mahe. Mahe is full of hotels and resorts to satisfy every budget, but if you’re flying all the way here you might as well stay somewhere relaxing on the water. Here’s how I spent my time on Mahe:

Enjoy the Beach

Of course you should spend time on the beach if you’re on an island. Mahe has a lot of beautiful beachfront to choose from. I was staying at Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove so I just used their beach and pools. I wasn’t in the beach hunting mood while on vacation 😉

Scuba Dive/Snorkel

Seychelles don’t require you have a scuba license in order to go scuba diving. This was great as it meant I could dive for the first time! Granted I couldn’t go very far out since it was my first time but that was totally fine. The instructors taught me the basics on land and there was someone with me for the entire duration of the dive. I saw plenty of coral, fish, a shipwreck, and a massive turtle!

Explore Victoria

Victoria is the smallest capital in the world. It really is tiny. I walked through the whole town in 30 minutes. There’s not a whole lot to see or do but it’s still worth checking out since you’ll get a taste of local life. There’s a market where locals buy fish, vegetables, and other produce. There’s a church and a Hindu temple. And…that’s about it!

Visit the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens has a bunch of cool flowers and the Coco de Mer tree (this only grows on these islands). But the main attraction is these giant turtles. You can pay a small amount (I think it was around $3) to feed them. As soon as I walked in with the branches they woke from their slumber and came to me looking for food!

Drive Around Mahe

Either rent a car or hire a taxi for the day. I paid 180 Euros for a taxi driver to show me the entire island. The trip took about six hours. It was a great way to explore areas I wouldn’t know about and I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of driving (the roads are very narrow here).


Finally, remember to relax. You’re on vacation on a beautiful island. Enjoy all the different flowers and birds around you and just sit and watch the sunset