July 30, 2018
Trip Report: Four Days in Venice, Italy

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I had been wanting to visit Venice again for years when I finally made the trip out there this summer. I was eager to revisit Italy after my great trip to Florence in the fall and it didn’t disappoint! Summer is high season in Italy so right off the bat you should expect large crowds and expensive hotels. I’m used to the insane crowds at Walt Disney World so I didn’t mind too much 😉

Take a Water Taxi

Venice is a series of small islands connected by canals and waterways. As such, the main transportation system is water taxis and shuttles. You’re going to end up taking one at some point unless you’re staying right in San Marco square. You can even take a water taxi from the airport to many hotels in Venice!

San Marco Square

San Marco is the main tourist spot in Venice and is always busy. There were long lines to enter all the historic buildings, so I just opted to admire them from outside. This is also where you’ll find Venice’s famous pigeons. For whatever reason, friendly pigeons flock to the square looking for food. Hold out some bread and you’ll be sure to make new friends.

The square is lined with various outdoor restaurants and cafes and a few have live bands playing old world classics. While the setting is wonderful, know that everything here will be expensive and you won’t get good service (supply and demand).


Of course any article about Venice needs to mention gondolas. To me, these are an idealized way to get around the city. You can take a tour or use one to go from point to point. I didn’t end up using them because they’re expensive and you’ll likely end up with drivers yelling at each other in Italian as they navigate the narrow canals. Maybe if I were here on a honeymoon I’d do it once, but other than that it doesn’t interest me.

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto bridge is large pedestrian bridge connecting the two sides of the Grand Canal. Both sides of the bridge are lined with shops and restaurants along the water. I think it was a great spot for gelato 🙂

Here’s the view when standing on the bridge.

Explore the City

Venice is full of winding alleys that seemingly lead to nowhere but eventually take you somewhere beautiful. Just get lost in the maze and see where you end up!


You’ll find every designer brand you want if you’re looking to spend thousands of Euros. You’ll also find plenty of mom and pop shops selling locally crafted products.

I enjoyed my trip to Venice but four days was far too long. It’s a fairly small city and you can see most of it in two days if you’re walking everywhere. It’s definitely a beautiful city to be bored in!