June 26, 2018
Trip Report: Six Days in Verbier, Switzerland in June

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I spent six nights in Verbier, Switzerland during the second week of June 2018. Verbier is a small town located along the Alps in western Switzerland. It’s predominantly a winter destination as it has some of the world’s best ski slopes.

The summer season was just starting when I visited so the town was relatively quiet and hotel prices were still reasonable (for Switzerland). Summer really kicks into high gear in July and August. Most of the restaurants and stores still hadn’t opened (Verbier is only open in the winter and peak summer months).

There’s plenty of outdoor activities to keep you occupied in the summer. Daytime temperatures ranged from low to high 60s (Fahrenheit) in early June. Bring a light jacket and you’ll be fine for the cooler days. I was out with a t-shirt on warmer days.

Getting to Verbier

Getting off the train in Martigny  

You can take a train from Geneva or Zurich to Martigny (Martigny is the closest station to Verbier). I flew Lufthansa from Boston to Munich to Geneva and took the train from there. Thankfully the station is right in the airport and there’s a direct line to Martigny. It’s about a 1 hour 45 minute ride. Once in Martigny, I took a 40 minute taxi ride to the W Verbier hotel. The taxi ended up costing 130 francs-more than the train ticket. I think there’s busses running from Martigny to Verbier as well if you want a cheaper option.

Explore Verbier

I like to walk around and explore when I arrive at a new city. As I said, Verbier is small so it’s very easy to walk around. Nearly all the buildings are designed with the same wood materials and surrounded by trees.

A ski lift connects the larger town at the base of the mountain with Verbier. A second ski lift connects Verbier with the top of the mountain. The lift only operated four times a day during the week when I was there (since it was still low season). It operated all day from 9AM-5PM on weekends. The lift operates all day every day in the winter months and later in the summer season.

Hiking & Jogging

Take the lift up the mountain and go for a hike or jog. The views are incredible and there’s plenty of trails to explore.

I would bring a sandwich or boxed lunch with me and eat up there around 1:00 PM.


Go paragliding! I’ll admit I was hesitant to try this when I first saw people floating through the mountains. It obviously looks intimidating considering you’re 7, 200 feet in the air and gliding above trees and rocks.

But hey, yolo right? I want to live life to the fullest. I strapped into the contraption with my guide Stew. We ran maybe 10 steps on the side of the mountain until there was enough wind in the parachute to takeoff. The views were amazing. We were floating through mountains, above forest trees, and parallel with the clouds. The air was cool and crisp and smelled like pine trees.

It was a wonderful experience. It’s frightening for the first few minutes after takeoff but you eventually get used to it once the initial fear fades.

Eat Local Food

I always try to eat local cuisine wherever I travel. This is some cheese and wine fondue. I didn’t personally like the taste but it was fun to try.

Veal with Morrel mushroom sauce. The mushrooms accompanied the steak brilliantly.

Rösti with mushrooms and cherry sauce. Rösti is a Swiss dish made of grated and pan fried potatoes.

Overall it was a great trip to Verbier. I look forward to coming back in the winter to see its transformation.