September 25, 2017
Trump Administration Releases Newly Revised Travel Ban

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The Trump Administration’s modified travel ban was set to expire this past Sunday. Well, come Sunday night, the Administration announced new restrictions on visitors from 8 countries. Unlike the original travel ban, which had an expiration date of 90 days, the new restrictions are indefinite. The Administration says the eight countries all refuse to share terrorism information with the U.S. and haven’t taken the minimum security measures demanded by the U.S. President Trump said the ban will remain in place until the countries address these deficiencies. The following countries are now subject to varying levels of travel restrictions:

  • Iran-Students with visas are allowed. Other nationals are banned.
  • Syria-Banned
  • Libya-Banned
  • Yemen-Banned
  • Somalia-Nationals allowed to visit, subject to heightened scrutiny. Emigration is not permitted.
  • Chad-Banned
  • North Korea-Banned
  • Venezuela-Certain government officials and families banned. All nationals subject to heightened scrutiny.

North Korea was just added to the list

The order also says that Iraqi nationals will face increased scrutiny, though they aren’t banned from entered the county. The restrictions will not apply to U.S. legal permanent residents and visitors who have valid visas. The revised ban is set to go into effect October 18, 2017. It’s interesting that North Korea was added to the list. I wonder how many North Koreans visit the United States.