November 29, 2016
Passenger Goes on Trump Tirade, Gets Banned for Life

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Straight to the Point

Last week an unruly passenger on a Delta flight began yelling, swearing, and  ranting about Donald Trump. Delta has since banned the passenger for life and fully refunded every passenger on the flight.


What Happened

  • Last Tuesday, November 22, Delta flight 248 from Atlanta to Lehigh Valley Airport turned into a bit of a viral trip.
  • The original video has been viewed over 2.3 million times on Facebook at this point.
  • As you can see in the video below, one of the passengers gets up and starts yelling “Hillary Bitches”, swears at passengers, and quite enthusiastically advocates his support for Donald Trump.
  • This happened while the flight was still on the ground and Delta crew didn’t remove the passenger from the flight after speaking with him.
  • Delta CEO Ed Bastian released a memo to employees today addressing this incident. The main takeaway is that the unruly passenger has been banned for life from all Delta flights, and Delta will be fully refunding all inconvenienced passengers on the flight.
  • You can read the full memo here.

Final Thoughts

  • Just be respectful. It’s really not hard. Especially on a cramped space like an airplane where everyone is generally uncomfortable to begin with.