February 1, 2018
TSA Pre-Check Expands to Five Additional Airlines

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TSA Pre-Check is a hugely beneficial program for frequent flyers. Passengers can keep on their shoes, belts, and light jackets when going through airport security, and the security line is almost always much shorter than the general security line. You can apply for TSA Pre-Check on its own or get it for free as part of Global Entry (that’s what I’d recommend).

The TSA announced that five additional domestic and international airlines will participate in the Pre-Check program. These are Air France, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Philippine Airlines, and World Atlantic. This means there are now 47 airlines offering TSA Pre-Check.

I’d say anyone who travels on a somewhat regular basis should enroll in the program. It makes security a breeze since you can usually just walk throgh with no wait whatsoever.