December 22, 2017
Two-Day Sale: WOW air Offering 50% Off All Flights

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Icelandic airline WOW air just announced a two-day Christmas sale. The airline is offering 50% off roundtrip tickets booked between 7 AM EST on December 22- 7 PM EST on December 23, 2017. The discount is available for travel dates between December 27- May 15, 208 on all 38 routes the airline serves. Stopovers in Iceland are not eligible. Wow air already offers some of the lowest transatlantic fares available, so this is a great opportunity to get even cheaper tickets to Europe.

Go to Wow air,  enter your departure and arrival cities, and enter the promo code WOWXMAS before you hit search. For example, I can book the above roundtrip itinerary from Boston-Amsterdam for just $216.97 and save $113.01. The math doesn’t add up to exactly 50% because the discount only applies to the base airfare, not to taxes and fees.

As always with Wow air, remember that it’s a budget airline which sells everything but the seat separately. You’ll have to pay extra for carry-ons, checked bags, seat assignments, meals, etc. This could be a great way to get to Europe if you’re a light traveller and don’t care about seat comfort.

Featured Image Courtesy of WOW air