September 27, 2017
Uber Drivers Can Now Leave Feedback for Riders

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Uber has been working on improving working conditions for their drivers for several months now. Back in June, they introduced in-app tipping after resisting it for years. They’ve also made it easier for riders to see their ratings in the app. Now, Uber’s letting UberPool and UberX riders in the U.S. and Canada see the feedback they receive from drivers.

Drivers will now be able to choose from a preselected list of reasons as to why they’re rating the rider anything less than five stars. Options include “wait time”, “patience”, “number of riders”, “attitude”, “wanted new route”, “cleanliness”, and “other”. Riders will be notified if they receive the same negative feedback three or more times within 30 days.

Uber says the goal is to give riders constructive feedback about negative interactions with drivers. That way, riders will know when their behavior is negatively impacting their rating. This is probably a good change overall as it increases transparency. Though I’d guess a vast majority of riders won’t be dinged for the same bad behavior three times in a month. What you think of tis change?