October 27, 2017
Uber is Adding a New Multi-Stop Ride Option

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It seems like Uber is constantly announcing changes lately, not least of which is the new Uber Visa Card launching on November 2nd.  Up until now, riders were only able to schedule one destination in the app. If they wanted to make stops along the way, they’d have to keep changing the final destination. This was particularly annoying when riders wanted to pick up additional passengers on the way to their final destination. Uber’s latest update finally addresses this issue.

The company will now let you book a multi-stop trip with up to three stops. Tap the “where to?” icon and then “+” to enter the additional destinations. This can all done before you request your Uber. Riders can also add, remove, and change their stops in real time during the ride. Drivers will automatically receive updated navigation to the new destinations. Uber suggests not taking more than three minutes during each stop. Here’s a very strange Halloween themed video Uber released in conjunction with the news:

Featured Image Courtesy of Uber