November 9, 2017
Uber is Testing a Premium Support Hotline for Top Customers

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Uber’s been making a series of changes recently to improve the driver and rider experience. Some examples include the ability of drivers to leave feedback for riders and the ability of riders to book multi-stop trips. Uber recently began testing two pilot programs for what it calls a “Premium Support” feature.

The first pilot is a 24/7 customer support hotline. Customers are able to call the hotline and speak with someone for immediate assistance. The second pilot is an enhanced in-app support feature. Riders who use the improved in-app support will receive faster and more personalized service. Uber says it’s offering the pilot programs to “a portion of our most frequent riders.” We don’t know if this is based on spending or number of miles ridden.

You can see if you have access to the Premium Support line by taping “Help” in the Uber app. You should see an option to call Premium Support. This is a cool new feature to be sure, but I don’t know if its exactly needed. Uber already responds within a day when you have support issues. Although I suppose it’s nice to be able to speak with an actual human when you have a problem. What do you think?


H/T: Tech Crunch