September 28, 2017
Uber Threatens to Leave Montreal over Dispute with Regulators

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American ride-hailing company Uber is threatening to end operations in Montreal, Quebec by October 14, 2017. The company cited “new and challenging” laws in the French-speaking province as their main cause for concern. This comes days after the company lost its license to operate in London because of disagreements with regulators.


The Quebec legislature passed stricter laws which require would-be Uber drivers to have 35 hours of training and a background check by police. Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, the director general of Uber Quebec, said that 35 hours of training is “too much” and that Uber already trains its drivers sufficiently. He also noted that Quebec is the only Canadian province where Uber operates which requires driver training.

Guillemette stated that Uber would reconsider its exit from Quebec if the province’s politicians change the rules. Montreal’s current mayor, Denis Coderre, said “Bye-bye, I don’t care” regarding Uber’s exit. However, there is some hope. Montreal will have mayoral elections in November, which could yield a new mayor who’s more lenient towards Uber’s driver training requirements.

All in all, its not looking too good for the ride-sharing company which is facing ejection from two major cities in a week. Do you think 35 hours of training is excessive or needed?