October 2, 2017
Monarch Airlines Collapse Leaves 100,000+ Passengers Stranded

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Monarch Airlines, a British low-cost carrier, filed for bankruptcy earlier this morning. All Monarch flights have been cancelled, leaving over 100,000 passengers stranded. Monarch has been struggling for a while now amid increased competition from low-cost carriers like Norwegian, WoW Air, and easyJet. This follows a series of financial headaches for European carriers. Ryanair recently had to cancel flights for 400,000+ passengers following a pilot scheduling error and AirBerlin also recently filed for bankruptcy.

Following Monarch’s collapse, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority is chartering 34 aircraft to fly the 110,000 stranded British residents home. The agency is scheduling 700 flights over the next two weeks to do this.

Passengers with cancelled flights should head to Monarch’s website for next steps. Travelers scheduled to return to the UK before October 15 are being rescheduled on one of the chartered flights for free. Passengers with flights to the UK scheduled after October 15 should check here for details. Passengers with flights leaving the UK will receive a full refund.


H/T: NY Times