November 21, 2017
United is Adding New Food to its Winter Menu

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United announced its new seasonal winter menu this morning and it should already be available on eligible flights. Most food options are staying the same, but there are a few interesting additions. Here’s what’s available to purchase in Economy:


Southwestern-style omelet

Bistro on Board breakfast is offered on flights within the U.S. and flights to Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Flights must be over 3.5 hours long and take place between 5:00 AM-9:44 AM. Breakfast includes:

  • Sourdough breakfast sandwich (fried egg, pork sausage patty, Swiss cheese)
  • Chobani Greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Southwestern-style omelet (omelet with pepper jack cheese, black beans, corn, roasted peppers)
  • Fresh-start breakfast (Sourdough breakfast sandwhich with Chobani Greek Yogurt and fresh fruit)

Lunch & Dinner

Mezze Sampler

Lunch and dinner is available on the same routes as breakfast for flights over 3.5 hours long which take place between 9:45 AM-8:00 PM. Menu items include:

  • UNO spinach and garlic deep dish pizza
  • Smoked Gouda cheeseburger
  • Mediterranean chicken wrap
  • Mezze sampler (wheat berry almond salad, rep pepper hummus, whole almond, pita)

Snack Shop

Duke’s Chicken Sausages

The Snack Shop includes smaller items on most flights within North America, the Caribbean, select Latin American cities, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The following new snacks are available to purchase 24 hours a day on flights over 2 hours long.

  • Duke’s Shorty Sausages (Smoked chicken with tomato and basil
  • Kettle potato chips
  • Cheese and Crackers Snackbox

Finally, United is adding a new Sam Adams Winter Lager to its seasonal menu. As a reminder, all these food and drink items are available for purchase and aren’t free. You can check prices here. Be sure to take these photos with a grain of salt. They rarely look like this in-flight. Although I will say that the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap is excellent

All Images Courtesy of United