February 2, 2018
United is Now Selling Subscription Wi-Fi Packages

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In-flight Wi-Fi can be wonderful when it works right, but it’s usually a hit or miss. Sometimes the connection is too slow to use, sometimes it just doesn’t work, and sometimes it’ll work fine. The big three US airlines all charge for in-flight Wi-Fi, while JetBlue offers it as a free perk (one of many reasons why I enjoy flying JetBlue). United is now letting customers purchase a Wi-Fi subscription package instead of having to pay every time they want to use it.

Image Courtesy of United

Subscribers can access the internet on any Wi-Fi equipped United or United Express flight (assuming it works). As a reminder, United says the system currently doesn’t support video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, YouTube, Vevo etc. That said, I’ve been able to stream YouTube on pretty much every United flight with working Wi-Fi. You can purchase the subscription online or in-flight. Prices are broken down as follows:

  • North & Central America monthly subscription- $49 or 7,500 miles per month
  • North & Central America annual subscription- $539 or 80,000 miles per year
  • Global monthly subscription- $69 or 10,500 miles per month
  • Global annual subscription- $689 or 100,000 miles per year

Whether or not purchasing a subscription makes sense depends on how often you already purchase in-flight Wi-Fi. It’s a cool option to have, but it’s certainly not cheap.

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