August 22, 2017
United is Opening an Invite-Only Restaurant at Newark

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United is inviting a limited number of MileagePlus members to dine at its new ‘secret’ restaurant named CLASSIFIED. The restaurant is located at Newark Airport and you must be invited by United to dine there. It’s supposed to offer “upscale American cuisine”.

You can find the full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus here. Even though CLASSIFIED is invite only, it isn’t cheap. Expect to pay $45 for a Filet Mignon and $15 for a Caesar Salad. While it’s certainly an expensive restaurant, the menu does look quite appetizing. You can check your invitation status here. I didn’t make the cut for an invite, but I signed up to ‘request consideration’ for access.

FlyerTalk member limey1k shared the above picture of CLASSIFIED’s website. Having an iPad ordering system in an invite-only high end restaurant is a bit of a letdown. They couldn’t hire a few servers in a posh place like this? Would you pay the premium to eat here if you had access?


Featured Image Courtesy of Getty Images