February 26, 2018
United Passenger Arrested for Activating Emergency Slide

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Quite the strange story coming out of Newark (EWR) airport Sunday night. A 25 year old passenger on United flight 1640 from Newark to Tampa boarded the plane, told flight attendants he was on the wrong flight, activated the emergency slide at the back of the plane, and slid off.

Troy Fattun was yelling that he didn’t belong on the flight when officers arrived to arrest him. United has since confirmed that Mr. Fattun was ticketed and on the correct flight to Tampa. He’s currently charged with criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and interference with transportation.

Troy Fattun

United had to remove the remaining passengers form the aircraft and substitute another plane. Flight 1640 ended up taking off five hours late.

Featured Image Courtesy of NBC New York

H/T: NBC New York