July 10, 2017
United’s Polaris Lounge Expansion is Delayed

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United has been slowly rolling out its new Polaris Business Class product. The new Business Class seats offer a much needed 1-2-1 seating configuration along with a host of improvements to the in-flight service and amenities. One of the coolest things about United Polaris is the new Polaris lounge. United is building a brand new network of beautiful lounges around the world for its international Business and First class passengers. I got the try the flagship Polaris lounge in Chicago last month before my ANA flight to Tokyo and loved it! It’s proven so popular that United is working on expanding the size of the Chicago lounge in response to overcrowding.

The only operational Polaris lounge right now is in Chicago. United was expecting to open its next two lounges in San Francisco and Newark by the end of 2017, but it looks like the timeline is being pushed back. Per United’s ‘Polaris Tracker’, Polaris lounges in San Francisco, Newark, and London will be opening in ‘Early 2018’ while the lounges in Houston, Los Angeles, Tokyo (NRT), Hong Kong, and Washington DC (IAD) will open ‘Later in 2018’.


While it’s annoying that the Polaris lounge expansion will be pushed back, I’m not exactly surprised. Airline orders for new planes and lounge expansions are frequently delayed, and United isn’t exactly a great airline. We’ll have to make due with United’s sub-par Club Lounges for a few months longer than expected.