March 14, 2018
United Stands Behind Flight Attendant who Killed Passenger’s Dog

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Yesterday I wrote about how United killed a French bulldog. A flight attendant forced the owner to put the dog in the overhead bin for the duration of the flight. The dog was found dead in his kennel upon landing. Here’s the statement United put out today:

“We have spoken to the family, our crew and a number of passengers who were seated nearby. We have learned that the customer did tell the flight attendant that there was a dog in the carrier. However, our flight attendant did not hear or understand her, and did not knowingly place the dog in the overhead bin. As we stated, we take full responsibility and are deeply sorry for this tragic accident. We remain in contact with the family to express our condolences and offer support.

To prevent this from happening again, by April we will issue bright colored bag tags to customers traveling with in-cabin pets. This visual tag will further help our flight attendants identify pets in-cabin.”

That’s a great story. The problem is that just about every passenger seated near the dog’s owner reports hearing the owner repeatedly say she didn’t want to put her dog overhead. Apparently this flight attendant must be deaf and blind to not know there was a dog in there. I guess a “bright colored bag tag” will help similar deaf, blind, and heartless United flight attendants recognize dogs in the future…

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