April 25, 2017
US Considers Banning Electronics From European Flights

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Back in March, the US banned electronics larger than a smartphone from flights originating from 10 Middle-Eastern airports to the US. Customers flying from the affected airports must now check electronics like laptops and tablets before boarding their flights. Affected airlines have responded in a number of ways. Qatar now offers free loaner laptops to their business class passengers while Emirates offers free loaner tablets to business class passengers.


According to UK’s The Guardian, the US is now considering banning the same electronics on flights originating from Europe. The ban isn’t certain to happen and we don’t know which airports or countries would likely be affected. All we know is that the US is considering implementing this ban on flights coming from Europe based on concerns about bombs being smuggled in laptops. The government always considers lots of options and most never see the light of day. Hopefully the US can come up with a less restrictive way to ensure safety on these flights. What are your thoughts on this?


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