July 6, 2017
US is Gradually Lifting the In-Flight Electronics Ban

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The US banned in-flight electronics larger than a cell phone on flights from 10 Middle-East airports back in March. This effectively meant that passengers traveling from those airports to the US had to gate-check tablets and laptops on major airlines like Qatar, Turkish, Etihad, Emirates etc.


The Department of Homeland Security finally released a list of ‘enhanced security’ measures to be implemented at last-point-of-departure airports around the world for flights bound for the US. Airports that comply with the new security protocols will be exempt from the electronics ban.

We’ve been getting great news on this front over the past week. Qatar, Emirates, Turkish, and Etihad have all announced a lifting of the electronics ban from their home airports-Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, and Abu Dhabi. This means you’re free to bring laptops on board those flights to the US! Royal Air Maroc, EgyptAir, Royal Jordanian, and Saudi still remain subject to the ban, although the Saudi ban is expected to be lifted by July 19.


Featured Image Courtesy of Getty Images