October 17, 2017
Video: Air Berlin Transatlanic Flight Pulls a Questionable Landing Maneuver

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Bankrupt German airline Air Berlin flew its last long-haul flight this past Sunday, landing in Dusseldorf Monday morning. It looks like the final flight’s pilot wanted pull a stunt to say farewell from Air Berlin. The pilot brought the plane down to the runway with too much altitude, gliding about 50 feet above the ground. Instead of just pulling up and circling around to re-do the landing, the pilot steers the planes and flies it just above the terminal and control tower.

It looks like the plane is coming pretty close to the terminal and the viewers are noticeably frightened. Here’s another view of the aborted landing from farther out:

While it’s an impressive stunt, I don’t know if passengers onboard appreciate the pilot’s maneuvering. Air Berlin says air traffic control had given permission to turn left if the landing had to be aborted. Germany’s federal aviation authority is looking into the incident.