December 14, 2017
Virgin Atlantic Encouraging Passengers to Steal its Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Passengers are understandably tempted to steal certain items from flights. I know people who love some of the plastic food containers and blankets on board. Airlines try hard to prevent theft, especially on high-value items like Base headphones and designer bed sheets and blankets. Flight attendants typically come around and collect these before the flight lands.

Virgin Atlantic salt and pepper shakers have proven to be especially popular with flyers. They’re stolen so often that the airline inscribes “Pinched from Virgin Atlantic” on the bottom (what a clever marketing idea). Virgin is releasing a limited edition red version of the iconic salt and pepper shakers in Upper Class on flights between December 21-26, 2017, and it’s encouraging passengers to pinch them.

Virgin executive vice president Mark Anderson said, “When we launched Wilbur and Orville over 15 years ago, we had no idea they’d become so iconic and loved by our customers. This Christmas, we’re shaking things up by introducing limited-edition red sets of Wilbur and Orville on all flights and expect to see them fly off the planes.”

Those salt and pepper shakers, named Wilbur and Orville, look adorable. I’d definitely knick them if I were flying Virgin Atlantic between December 21-26. Will you be taking a pair?

Images Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic