November 2, 2017
Virgin Voyages Launching an Adults Only Cruise Ship in 2020

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Virgin Voyages is a new cruise line being developed by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group company. They began construction of their first ship back in March 2017 and expect to start sailing out of Miami sometime in 2020. We finally got our first look at the new Virgin Voyages ship at a media event in Italy a couple days ago.

It looks very sleek and ultra-modern from the initial photos. Virgin says it features a “silvery-grey hull, with smoked glass, and of course, distinctive touches of red.”  Virgin also says its ships will be “Adult by Design”. Based on public feedback, the cruise line is imposing an 18+ age restriction on all travelers. The goal of this cruising experience is centered around relaxation rejuvenation, and fun-so you’ll have to leave your kids behind.

If you want to be one of the first Virgin cruisers, you can pay a refundable $500 deposit to get access to early booking when it’s made available. The ship carries a maximum of 2,860 passengers and 86% of the cabins will have balconies. Virgin plans to build three vessels and expects to begin sailing them in 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively. Virgin put out the following #ShipTease on Twitter yesterday.

All Images Courtesy of Virgin Voyages